NZ Summer?

My overseas move didn’t last very long. A whole 12 days to be exact. After the phone call that said I had lost my No.1 supporter in life and music – My Grandad – I hopped on to a plane and flew back again. So I’m currently back in my home town of Tauranga where I will be for the next month before I head off to Brisbane to re-start my aussie plans.

This also means I will have a bit of time to plan things for next year. Music videos, youtube covers, photo-shoots, gigs and new music are all in the plans.

Things like losing a much loved family member, mentor or friend, always puts the fragility of life temporarily in to perspective. And especially so close to a new year. A time of year where New Years resolutions are commonly made then rarely kept. Where we say we will exercise more and drink less, but who are we kidding, these things never last! Last year my resolution was to do at least one musical thing per day. That lasted for about 5 months. So lets hope that this years one lasts a bit longer! haha

I want to make sure that 2015 is a year for music and pushing myself as hard as I can to take steps towards moving my career, and music, to higher grounds. I’ll be looking at assembling a new team (management, an Australian band and booking agent) and attempting to find people who have the same amount of drive and vision for my music as me.

So make sure your resolutions are something that will inspire you in your career, life and push personal growth. We never know what hides around the corner, so we should make sure the time we do have is spectacular. I know that’s going to be my resolution for next year.

M x

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