These are the wonderful people who have pledged to my campaign. Thank you SOOOO much! It’s a great feeling knowing that there are people that support my music enough to help me release more.

Alicia Lineham           Shar James           Hannah Toulson
Simonne Butler         Jamie Lamb          Regal
Kyle Seyb                   David Sidwell        Chris
Tim Sidwell              Jennifer Sidwell     Amelia Murray
Nicola Collie            Bruce and Kylie      Vicki Bjerring
Geoff Ong                M Anderson             Toni Peagram
Jesse O’Brien           Emily Rice              Stevii Hill
Anna Loveys         Shrikkanth Sreedharan      Patrick Ryan
Steve Daniel               Rachel Munro             Nick
And to all those who pledged anonymously…

YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE! and Thank-you xx

*I will be in touch soon in regards to your rewards. (Once everything is sorted out with the kind people at PledgeMe.)

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