Rewards Time!

IM SO EXCITED!! During this month and the next, I will be in the studio recording my new single. But to do this, I need a little help from YOU!  I have set up a pledge me campaign where anyone can go and donate towards the creation of this little gem. But it’s not just a simple donation scheme.

There are different levels of pledges which means the more you pledge, the more rewards you will be sent. For your pledge you can get:

  • A personalized thank-you on my Website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Exclusive photos from in the studio
  • Exclusive video footage
  • An early release of the single
  • AND also a pledgers-only recording of a song I wrote when I was 17.

If you are interested to find out more, help by donating or simply by sharing the page, you can head here.

I’m a self-funded artist so any help is always noted and appreciated!!

Basically with Pledge-me, if I don’t reach my goal by the end of the month, you won’t be charged anything. That means I can’t share these rewards with you. Which is annoying because there is some really cool footage that I have to keep myself from sharing, because IT’S SO COOL!!!

I will keep posting as the updates come in.


Guitar shot

Studio shot

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