Cast a Cyclone Ft. Megan Sidwell

Recently I recorded some guest vocals for Tauranga metalcore band, Cast a Cyclone. On Friday 6th June they released their debut 8 track “End of the World” EP, with the included interlude titled “SP” (featuring myself on vocals). Even though my own music is currently a completely different style, I still have a soft spot for hard-hitting songs with melodic guitar riffs and lots of that underlying double-kick (which, believe it or not, is something I used to aspire to). The thing with music (and life too I guess), is that if you view the different styles and genres with an open mind, you can find things in it that you can take away, enjoy or even just appreciate.

You can check out the interlude on their bandcamp here:

The theme of the interlude ties in with the last song, “Be the Ocean”.

Megan x

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